Friday, 3 February 2012

Moldova 2012 - Doinita Gherman - Welcome to Moldova

It's a sign of the strength (and perhaps the insanity) of the Moldovan music scene that there are a good half dozen acts who crop up in their selection process every year that I would just love to see stalk the coveted Eurovision boards - and none more so than the bouncily effervescent Doinita Gherman.

Every year she sends an impossibly energetic three minutes of Moldovan folk punk, and every year her hopes are cruelly dashed, beaten, for the most part, by better connected state-approved acts of high local standing.

This year though she's gone down a more blatant route and has invited every single one of us to visit the land that forged her, made as she is of oranges, curls and sunshine. There's no proper video as yet, but this compilation of snaps features some of the greatest known publicity shots for any musical artist in history - alive or dead!

People of Moldova: please make this Doinita's year - the viewing public of Europe deserve it!

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