Thursday, 13 September 2012

Switzerland 2013 - Männerchor steili Kressä – Sultan Hagavik

Remember the dour situationist choir who warbled out a slightly drunken hymn about helping strangers in last year’s preliminaries – no, probably not. Well this year they’ve returned, and in a clever(ish) nod to next year’s hosts, have treated us to a mournful retelling of a well-known furniture giant’s customer catalogue.

Don’t these fools realise how many of Eurovision’s most closely adhered to rules they’re breaking with this song? If they get to Malmo they’ll be disqualified for sure!

What's that? Oh yeah…

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  1. Yet another year finds me kicking myself for not thinking to look at your blog until WAY after you've already found some amazing thing or other to post! (This one's brilliant!)

    I blame time zones!