Sunday, 17 February 2013

Bulgaria 2013 - Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov - Samo Shampioni

Bulgaria have taken what could be construed as the safer route this year, and dredged their most successful  Eurovision scorers out of the mists of time and got them to knock up a triplet of songs and have the national final all to themselves. And while it's not entirely a case of diminishing returns, there is a tad of familiarity to the list.

But bless 'em, they tried. They've all got that Earth mother trance and drums feel to them, but they've at least tried to make all three distinct and different. Kismet is a slower, more folksy  tune with a chorus of glorious flat toned Bulgarian backing singers to it, while Dzupai Libe Boso is a bit more of a chilled out affair, with a couple of moderately crusty blokes joining in for some slightly incongruous skank-flavoured toasting.

But it's this tune that is perhaps better suited to dragging itself out of a semi. With it's up tempo stomp, and lively drum show, it may come from the same family tree as Voda, but it's got enough going for it in its own right to be an enjoyable little three minute interlude in among the balladeers and schlagerettes.

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  1. I'm sorry to say... or not really sorry. She is a HORRIBLE singer. and what they do is complete fake-lore...

  2. Fake-lore! Good work Ido! I'll be nicking that at some point!

    I think they're more earthy ethno ambient trance rather than actually trying to be too trad, but fake-lore will do for me!