Monday, 11 February 2013

Croatia 2013 - Klapa s Mora - Mižerja

The Croatians have been keeping suspiciously quiet this year - until tonight when they revealed that this year's song was to be in the local Klapa folk tradition, and announced the names of the fellas who'd be belting it out.

A tantalisingly short clip of the rather cutely named Super Klapa turned up on the local news tonight, which gave the tiniest insight into what we can expect... six blokes shouting in a minor key! That's my kinda tune!

I'll get the full song up as soon as I find it - meanwhile, enjoy the glimpse!


Well they've polished it all up for Eurovision, got rid of the cool band name and removed any traces of the sombre man shouter that we all hoped it might be. And while it's still pretty nice, I fear it's slipping down the fun pile by the moment.


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