Saturday, 21 February 2015

Austria 2015 - Mizgebonez - Medley Murmeltier/Fitnesstraining

What's going on here then? It's been a long time since we've had a pure frikki in the contest, but this slice of the strange might well have qualified for that description has it made it through to the later stages.

Quite often a Eurovision wannabe sounds like a couple of songs glued together - well this one actually is. They've admitted it. It's a medley. It starts off with. Bit of office based high jinks, before they all rip their kit off and break into a fitness video. It's utterly bewildering.

One can only assume that this stage of the Austrian process they're selection the artist rather than the song - well, someone did a horrific attempt at Pharrell's Happy in the same show, after all - but it would still have been a welcome, if not unlikely, addition to the Viennese stage. Although one thing I forgot to say - it's utter, utter cobblers. 

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