Monday, 9 February 2015

Ireland 2015 - Alex Saint and the MJs - She's So Fine

So then, after last year's poor showing, RTÈ promised us all manner of changes and developments for choosing their song this year. We heard stories that they were going to have more songs in more styles, have a real distinct final, and definitely not crowbar it into the middle of The Late Late Show again. No siree Bob - never again.

So here's part of one of the five songs that will be battling it out on The Late Late Show in a few weeks, yelling for attention between Hollywood interviews and the raffle... (Sigh).

Actually, Alex Saint here is probably the most promising of the bunch, seeing as he's at least tried to do something a little different. Imagine Dizzee Rascal with all the edges polished off, with a slab of autotuned crooning interspersed inbetween. And if you don't think he looks terrible Irish, well that's because he's not. He was born in Zambia and moved to London in his teens. But at least he lives in Ireland these days - unlike at least one of his rivals in the contest.

Seriously, this is the best song in it, which possibly gives you an idea of the calibre of the other four...

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