Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Italy 2015 - Il Volo - Grande Amore

More from Sanremo. Apparently this is the hot favourite to claim the badge for Vienna, and we must confess it has its charms. Three slightly sinister looking young leatherists with big voices and massive quiffs. It's kind of how you'd write an Italian entry if you were doing a novel about Eurovision.

But despite its ESC potentiality, this kind of larky isn't a typical Sanremo winner, and we're just as likely to get an 80-year-old man singing his shopping list on the top of the podium. And let us not forget the shocking record of anything evern remotely opera flavoured in the big show.

But whatever comes of it in the end, they make one heck of a racket here, and for that they must be applauded!

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