Friday, 13 February 2015

Latvia 2015 - Riga Metro - High Heels

Here's a smashing little curio from the Latvian selection. Three male figures in red, plus a girl in white stand to the right, mirrored by an equivilent number of naked showroom dummies to the left - each of them perched in from of the same instruments and the people made of meat.

The sounds are the kind of sparse, head-bobbing dance music we used to call intelligent drum'n'bass back in the late nineties, and it floats along rather ambiently until around the three-quarter mark, when, after threatening a hefty dubstep drop it kicks into a tasty skip beat - all while a rather intense looking guitarist strangled licks out of his axe with a hefty rank of pedals.

It was gently ace, but sadly proved a little too niche for the good people of Latvia, and it missed out on a slot in the Supernova final. Dang shame.

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