Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Norway 2015 - Contrazt - Heaven

Oh my giddy aunt - it's coming to something when Tor and Bettan aren't the funniest old people in a national final. Yes, take a trip back to mid-eighties Scandi Eurovision, the days of Främling and Dansa I Neon, for a slice of gloriously straight up nostalgia.

Seriously, this could have come from any year between '83 and '93, and would have done pretty well too. These days though it's a bit of an anachromism, the kind of song that everyone would do a silly, stampy dance to at Euroclub for a bit of ironic fun. Quite what it's doing here is anybody's guess. But do you know what? I'm kinda glad it is.

OK, so it may sound like the theme tune to a daytime TVtalk show, or a heartwarming series about a dogs home, but it's got a sweet charm and innocence about it that makes the thing far more likeable than most of the other far-too-serious songs in this year's MGP. It would be so funny if this snuck through the middle and nipped the win. I'm pretty certain it won't, but I'd love it if it did!

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