Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Slovenia 2015 - Rudi Bučar - Šaltinka

Perilously short snippets of the Slovenian songs have been released, and while for the most part even the small clips are more than you really want to hear, two songs stand out. Maraaya's decent bluesy swoon Here For You sounds like a song you wouldn't mind hearing in real life, while Rudi Bučar gives us the one thing we've been crying out for for years - a decent Ex-Yugo wedding band stomper.

The songs selected for the big show so far this year have been very staid and serious. So what we need is a proper good old fashioned party tune - and we reckon the boy Rudi is just the lad to give it to us!


This came second in possibly the strongest superfinal in years. I rather like the song that beat it, it must be said but I would have preferred this.

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