Saturday, 26 December 2015

Albania 2016 - Kozma Dushi - Një Kafe

Nothing says Christmas more to your Eurovision fan on the street than an old codger croaking out a cruiseship disco number on Festivali i Kenges. So here he is...

Go Kozma, go!

Now to make this next few minutes seem a lot shorter, play along with us our favourite FiK game... Wig Or No Wig. What do you reckon? We're not to sure either way on this one...


  1. Albania do like their 'old male crooners', don't they?

    And it might be implanted hair, a la Shane Warne... :)

  2. Love the fact he's called Kozma Dushi. Which means Cosmic Shower. Couldn't really get a more incongruous epithet, really.

  3. Kosma is awesome, his best entry is 2004, however unfortunately it seems to have disappeared from the YouTube etc. If you ever come across "E nesermja tjeter kujt i takon" take a listen.